Attila van Dijk




Master course


5 master students


Brunotti Europe BV


Boarding is a social endeavor. You go down the slopes with friends and meet up with others to have lunch on the piste. But alas, someone was left behind or missed an exit! While one is trying to phone, the other is boarding and vice versa. This is where the Onyx steps in.


[This is a concept where mostly I was involved with. The final product has not yet been disclosed as it is in production at the moment.]

The Onyx is a device for boarders to navigate and communicate. It is placed on the (snow) board and is linked to the users smartphone by means of an app. Using a LoRa network, it communicates with other Onyx users and exchanges messages and coordinates. The RGB LED on the Onyx notifies the user of new messages while boarding. This way, you are always aware of those that are trying to reach you.